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Mr. Pang from Beihai, Guangxi, the tiger head shears you ordered have been sent out, please check them in time!

先生: Mr. Pang from Beihai , Guangxi :


450 吨虎头式剪切机、 200 吨金属打包机、液压钢筋截断机 我们已生产完成,经检验试运行合格后,准予出厂,今天上午 10 点已装载完成,并发货于浩运货运公司,预计 3-4 天可到达贵公司,请您保持手机畅通,以便及时收货。 Hello, we have completed the production of 450 tons of tiger-head shears, 200 tons of metal balers, and hydraulic steel bar cutters purchased by our company . After passing the inspection and trial operation, we are allowed to leave the factory, and have been loaded at 10 am today. , And shipped to Haoyun Freight Company, it is expected to reach your company within 3-4 days, please keep your mobile phone unblocked in order to receive the goods in time. We recommend that you carefully check the quality of the goods and related accessories after receiving the goods. Please read the relevant instructions and maintenance manual carefully before installation and use! If you have any questions, please contact us in time. During the use of the product, we will do our best to solve the technical problems of the equipment for you.


Thank you very much for your trust and strong support for our company, and finally look forward to our happy cooperation again in the future! I wish you a smooth work and a happy life! Business is booming!

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