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Corn harvester manufacturer mobile service team serves the people "zero distance"

At the end of March, a leak occurred in the Zhang Huazhu's biogas digester in Dengfeng Tagou. What he didn't expect was that immediately after the staff came to the house to understand the specific situation, he said nothing, immediately carried out investigation, combing, and overhauling. After a while, he helped Zhang Huazhu to solve the urgent need, and the biogas can be used normally. .
In fact, these staff members are mobile service teams organized by Xinshan corn harvester manufacturers , and they are one of the “5 service platforms” launched by the town for “zero distance” this year to serve the masses. According to the needs of the masses, the mobile service team of the Xinshan corn harvester manufacturer dispatched relevant personnel to set up biogas, technology, health and other service teams for the people, proactively delivered services to the people, and effectively solved the problems for the people, did practical things, and did good deeds. Xinshan corn harvester manufacturers set up 5 integrated service platforms of “one center, one station, one room, one team, and one commitment” in response to the existing problems, serving the people “zero distance”, putting the service for the people into practice and achieving practical results . The service concept has also been changed, the service method has been improved, the shelf has been lowered, the body has been lowered, the masses have become family members, the masses have become family matters, and the relationship has further improved. The masses have also actively supported the work, and the work is much better. Already.

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