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"Maize + Harvester" Network Model Sales Drive Farmers' Income

With the rapid development of science and technology, online sales have gradually entered millions of households. Recently, farmers in Wenxian, a Xinshan corn harvester manufacturer, saw the factory present a busy scene for stocking this year.
It is reported that in recent years, the agricultural service center and technical department of the Xinshan corn harvester manufacturer have often sent professional and technical personnel to the field for training, so that farmers can master the essentials, learn the harvesting experience, and take less detours. At present, all farmers are harvesting, and their income is high.
At present, Xinshan corn harvester manufacturers have basically formed an industry development model of "company + professional cooperatives + farmers + corn harvesters". Based on these companies, it has effectively promoted the harmonious development of the corn harvest agricultural machinery cluster. Use the network model to increase farmers' income and achieve prosperity and prosperity.

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