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Interpretation of Xinshan corn harvester "straw returning economy"

As one of the country's important commodity grain bases, Henan Xinshan corn harvester manufacturer has not only realized intensive deep processing of corn, but also effectively developed and comprehensively used corn straw. At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw has reached 78%. The new way of industrialization and environmental protection from corn intensive processing to returning straw to the field for comprehensive utilization.
"Aiming" straw returned to the field
In recent years, Henan Xinshan corn harvester manufacturers have adopted the principle of "reduction, resource utilization, and reuse" and "low consumption, low emissions, and high efficiency" as the goal, and have made comprehensive use of corn straw as an important entry point. Vigorously promote the economy of returning straw to the field, accelerate the development of circular economy, promote the comprehensive utilization of returning straw to the field with an enterprise-oriented system, and gradually make breakthroughs in five aspects, including energy, feed, fertilizer, building materials and papermaking.
Straw returning to the field "strengthening" Past waste "incarnation" Torreya grandis
Straw as feed is actually an important part of the development of a rural circular economy relying on animal husbandry. Returning straw to the field has to some extent solved the pollution and fire safety problems caused by open stacking and incineration of farmers' straw. Comprehensive utilization of straw, "calculate new accounts" in the corn field. After the corn is harvested, the stalks are returned to the field and used as agricultural fertilizers. They have the effects of increasing fertilizer, improving soil, and protecting soil moisture. They can increase soil organic matter, degrade pesticides and heavy metals in the soil, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

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