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-- 公司简介 Xinshan -Company Profile

Henan Xinshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national consumer trustworthy. It has passed IS09001: 2000 through mechanism conversion, talent introduction, equipment investment, and cooperation with scientific research. International quality management system certification. Developed metal briquetting machine series, shredder series, crocodile scissors series, gantry scissors series and other products have been exported to Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Southeast Asia ...

  • 1000--type crocodile shears

  • 1200 type--crocodile shears

  • Model 800--crocodile shears

  • Heavy crocodile shears

  • Y81-63 metal briquette machine

  • Y81-315 metal briquette machine

  • Y81-160 metal briquette machine

  • Y81-125 metal briquette machine

  • Tiger head shears-production site

  • Crocodile shears-production site

  • Metal baler-production site

  • Gantry tiger head shears-customer site

  • Metal baler-customer site

  • Metal baler-customer site

  • / 2019-03-23

    Manager Li of Yueyang, Hunan: Hello! Thank you very much for your trust and support! The metal briquetting you ordered ...

  • / 2019-03-22

    The customer sent to Anhui Wuhu Crusher has already left the factory. The crocodile type shearing machine manufactured by Henan Xinshan Machinery is hydraulically driven, and the safety function depends on

  • / 2019-03-21

    Mr. Pang from Beihai, Guangxi: Hello, the 450 ton tiger head shears and 200 ton metal punch you purchased in our company ...

  • / 2019-03-21

    Manager Hu of Suining, Sichuan: Hello, we have seen the 250 ton metal baler in our company some time ago ...

  • Postcode: 450,000
  • Address: No. 18, Yangli Industrial Park, Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, Henan Province
  • Business I: 0371-64421838 (Mr. Liu)
  • Business Department 2: 0371-60321838 (Mr. Li)
  • Copyright ? Henan Xinshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.